As Jamaica implements its new legal framework to regulate the growth and sale of medical marijuana for the benefit of all its citizens, JMCC is proud to be involved and eager to contribute.

Through the transfer of scientific and business knowledge, the JMCC Farmers’ Collective, our fair-trade orientation and more, we aspire to assist Jamaica in becoming a reliable, safe and profitable provider of its unique, premium medical cannabis and related products to customers worldwide in every way possible. This includes:

  • Assisting small cultivators through the JMCC Farmers’ Collective, and helping them to achieve international standards for consistency, quality and reliability through JMCC’s cloning and quality assurance programs, while enabling them to access international markets;

  • Employing Jamaican nationals throughout JMCC’s operations;

  • Championing compliance with both the spirit and the letter of Jamaica’s laws and regulations governing medical cannabis, as well as those of every country to which we export;

  • Maintaining a continuous focus on sustainability, with all operations geared to minimizing our environmental impact.

In addition, we have established the JMCC Foundation, in which 10% of annual net profits will be invested over 10 years in an endowment to support local scientific, educational, environmental and community support programs. JMCC Foundation programs will be overseen by a dedicated JMCC Community Engagement officer in collaboration with Jamaican partner organizations.

Examples of JMCC Foundation-funded initiatives may include:

  • R&D grants to the University of the West Indies in Jamaica to protect the country’s unique indigenous strains,

  • Local economic development programs that are in keeping with JMCC’s environmental stewardship philosophy, such as bee husbandry and forest management,

  • Addiction support programs,

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) educational projects, in collaboration with Jamaica’s Ministry of Education.

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