Worldwide, nations are moving in the direction of legalizing medical cannabis. And, as those doors open, the ability to meet patient demand immediately becomes a national issue. JMCC is the solution.

Licensed producers, bioceuticals and other medical cannabis providers worldwide can stop struggling with the costs, challenges and unreliability of enclosed greenhouse production -- and focus instead on providing their patients with a predictable supply of world-class medical cannabis from Jamaica. Our unique Jamaican products also provides our customers with market defence against the threat of commoditization.

IJMCC provides a fully integrated medical cannabis solution encompassing propagation, cultivation, field and laboratory testing, product development, quality assurance, processing, packaging, warehousing and distribution. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality product where you need it using rigorous supply chain management, stringent quality control and best-in-class track-and-trace capabilities.  As a customer of JMCC, you can place your order for your required cultivar/cannabinoid profile and know that JMCC will manage delivery of that order: from our carefully selected and monitored farms (all members of the JMCC Farmers’ Collective) to our state-of-the-science  processing facility, and throughout both internal and third-party quality testing, processing, packaging and international distribution – all to the very highest standards of product integrity, compliance and security.

So you can rest assured that your medical cannabis products will arrive on time, delivered to the superior quality standards your patients deserve.


Science supports nature to ensure product quality and security throughout JMCC’s cultivation and harvesting. Our carefully managed and stringently tested processes include:

  • A monitored cloning program employed by all JMCC Farmers’ Collective members to ensure product control and consistency;

  • Agronomic, regulatory compliance and cultivation training delivered by JMCC  experts to improve farmers’ skills, knowledge, and profitability;

  • Extensive on-farm testing and regulatory compliance verification;

  • On--site, comprehensive lab testing in conjunction with CARITOX/University of the West Indies) to ensure that no pesticide or microbiology contaminants are present, as well testing/profiling of cannabinoids, THC and terpenes.



Our centrally managed, collection and transportation system ensures that what leaves the farm is what arrives at our central processing facility, through quarantine, processing and packaging, and into the warehouse and onto the customer -- safely, securely and in prime condition. This system encompasses:

  • A stringent transportation-quality management plan focused on product safety and optimal transportation conditions;

  • Proprietary command-and-control/track-and-trace collection and transportation systems;

  • On-site weighing, electronic traceability labeling and chain-of-custody seal;

  • Secured loading docks located within the facility to control chain of custody;

  • Monitored movement to quarantine room for on-site lab testing and certification.


JMCC’s 55,000 square-foot, state-of-the-science, centralized processing facility – where we produce dried and oil-based products derived from cannabis grown by our Farmers' Collective members under careful supervision – ensures the product security, diversification and differentiation needed by medical cannabis providers worldwide. We provide:

  • On-site drying and extraction facilities, laboratories, scientific staff and independent testing;

  • Compliance with ISO 14001 international standards for environmental management systems;

  • On-site packaging capabilities to minimize operational costs and contamination risks while simplifying traceability and chain-of-control.


Leveraging best practices, global scale and economics, and long-standing relationships with leading transportation companies worldwide, JMCC can ensure your medical cannabis products reach your customers swiftly and securely. We offer:​

  • Warehousing in 26 locations around the globe (GDP/GMC certification pending);

  • A modular warehouse structure that enables us to select the best location for your product storage around the world (ISO 9001 and 14001 certification pending);

  • Best-in-class facilities management systems to ensure complete chain-of-command tracking from processing to end customer delivery.


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