The island of Jamaica provides natural, year-round, optimal growing conditions with equal portions of daylight and night, 50% humidity and cooling mountain breezes. While greenhouses and other indoor cannabis cultivation facilities around the world are fighting their environments in efforts to emulate these natural conditions, JMCC works with nature to produce robust and reliable medical marijuana harvests at a lower cost and carbon footprint.

And, while the quality of Jamaican cannabis is widely known, its history is steeped in folklore. Home-grown medicinal marijuana treatments for colds and other ailments have been passed down for generations.


Today, the University of the West Indies is home to one of the world’s leading laboratories dedicated to scientifically investigating and verifying these culturally derived applications to optimize the medicinal properties of cannabis for the needs of patients.


JMCC brings together this rich cultivation history via our Farmers' Collective with the scientific excellence of our partners at the University of the West Indies to deliver medical cannabis products that are unrivaled for their quality, distinctive Jamaican flavour and optimized medicinal profiles.


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