A Message from Group Chair & CEO Diane Scott


First, thanks for visiting JMCC's Virtual Booth. And thanks also to Alex, Jessie and others on the ICBC

team for pulling together this Virtual Symposium. While it can't replace meeting you all face-to-face,

we're very happy to participate as a sponsor and are looking forward to a fun and informative day!

It’s also a great opportunity to bring you up to date on some major developments here at JMCC. Despite the challenges posed for so many of us by the coronavirus, we’ve had our heads down for the past several months, working quietly and diligently away on a number of fronts to move the company forward – and in a very big way!

First, is our agreement with the United Kingdom’s Drug Science to support its innovative Project Twenty21. This initiative is both ambitious -- in its scope, as one of the largest medical cannabis research projects ever undertaken – and visionary, in terms of its potential benefits for patients across the UK. Learn more about it here.

Our second major announcement is the launch of JMCC Scientific, a new division set up to research, develop, test and manufacture innovative cannabis-based treatments for a range of medical conditions. We see it as the “natural next step” for JMCC as the globe’s leading provider of premium Jamaican medical cannabis. We also believe it’s an important value-add to the total outsourcing solution for product developers we announced last year as it makes available another layer of in-depth scientific expertise to our outsourcing customers. Here’s more information about JMCC Scientific and our first Medical Advisor appointments.

I’m also delighted to announce the appointment of Carol Lindsay of the University of the West Indies’ Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, as JMCC’s Chief Scientific Advisor. We’ll also be sharing news of additional key Scientific team members and some key additions to our Jamaican management team shortly. You can sign up here to receive JMCC news directly to your Inbox.

Our customers in Europe will be pleased to know that we’ve considerably accelerated our preparations for EU-GMP certification and now expect we’ll be well positioned for our inspection this summer (subject, of course, to whatever longer-lasting effects the coronavirus has on inspectors’ ability to travel). We’ve also embarked on an initiative to have JMCC’s already sustainably grown medical cannabis certified organic by the end of the year.

You can also read this update from JMCC’s Global Sales Team and book an appointment with Global Sales Director Ian Scott to discuss JMCC products and services today. And, if you have two minutes more, learn about our new digital platform coming later this summer. 



Welcome ICBC Virtual Symposium Attendees!

From the JMCC Global Sales Team

The coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on a global medical cannabis industry already undergoing restructuring and major transition as well as expanding markets as more countries legalize cannabis for medical purposes and as research expands.

During these unsettled times, we want you to know that JMCC’s Global Sales Team is here to work with and support our customers to overcome obstacles you may be facing. Whether it's a minor change in delivery schedules or unique packaging requirements or even special delivery needs, we want to help, if possible. Please reach out to contact me at ian.scott@jamaicanmedicann.com at any time.

Here is an update on where we are in various parts of the world:

In Canada, we are currently working with several Licensed Producer customers to obtain permits from Health Canada for initial (R&D) imports. As our contracts stipulate, this is a prerequisite for commercial imports of JMCC medical cannabis product to Canada.

In Australia, we’ve signed Letters of Intent with various customers with full commercial licenses that allow them to import medical cannabis for the growing number of patients under the country’s special access schemes.

In Europe, where EU-GMP certification is generally required for imported medical cannabis, our customers are just waiting for us to achieve certification and we’re on our way!

In the United Kingdom, please see the news release about JMCC’s participation in Project Twenty21.

In Jamaica, due to delays in finalizing export regulations, most recently because of the pandemic, the Cannabis Licensing Authority has issued “interim measures” to facilitate exports. It’s expected they will issue final regulations this summer.

Read more of our top news!


For any media inquiries, please contact Shelley Boyes at shelley.boyes@jamaicanmedicann.com

  • Project Twenty21 

    June 2nd, 2020

    JMCC Signs on to Support Europe’s Largest Medical Cannabis Study

  • JMCC Scientific

    June 8th, 2019

    A new division set up within JMCC to research, develop, test and manufacture innovative cannabis-based treatments for a range of medical conditions.

  • Carol Lindsay, Our New Chief Scientific Advisor

    June 8th, 2019

    Carole M. Lindsay, a highly respected member of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies, has been appointed as JMCC’s Chief Scientific Advisor.

  • New Digital Platform

    June 8th, 2019

    JMCC’s Marketing & Communications Team is working on the design and build of a new digital communications platform for the company that will include full-featured web and mobile sites and an employee intranet


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